Kagame re-elected to lead ruling party

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  1. Daniela says:

    There is a huge gaping hole in this arngmeut. How can Rwanda and Uganda be the pillagers of DRC’s wealth and the cause of DRC rot when British, American, German, my country Canada’s mining companies are as we speak siphoning billions of dollars worth of minerals? Is Rwanda and Uganda also stealing the billions of dollars of taxes that these mining companies have paying to the nonexistent DRC government?Did you know that in your own UK parliament, MP Jeremy Corbyn argued that the biggest contributor to conflict in DRC is big mineral companies that don’t pay taxes? He also asked for scrutiny of British mining companies in DRC e28093 very active in South Kivu. These companies are reaping colossal, ill-gotten profits and watching quietly in delight while everyone but them are getting bashed for DRC’s unending woes. Come on Dowden step out of the box. If you dare.

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