Opposition candidates are pulling together as the Gabonese election date takes the last turn for the Sunday poll.

Some 11 candidates have announced their withdrawal and backing of an independent contender,  former minister Andre Mba Obame. The 52 years old Obame, was reportedly chosen to lead the  group after a secret ballot was carried amongst the candidates at a meeting which ended in  the early hours today, reports said.
The withdrawal of the 11 candidates however still leaves 11 others still in the race against  Ali Bongo Ondimba, the son of the country’s longtime president Omar Bongo, who is said to be the favourite to win the presidential race.
There have however been some concerns raised from Gabonese voters saying the country’s  electoral body did not look well position and prepared to referee in the polls. Opposition  groups have also accused the electoral commission of failing to address their concerns, especially with the electoral register, which they described as problematic.

Earlier this month several opposition candidates also demanded a postponement, claiming the  electoral body was not prepared to organize the election. But, the interim transitional  government led by Rose Francine Rogombé, dismissed the demand to carry on with the polls.  The Sunday vote will determine who will succeed the late, long time dictator, Omar Bongo who died of a heart attack at a Spanish Clinic in June.

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