By Kent Mensah
A new mobile telephony company in Ghana – Globacom – has reportedly begun construction works  to lay underground cable for its broadband services. The sixth licensed company to operate mobile services is yet to begin full operations in the country.

The management of Glo said it is to establish its Glo-1 Submarine cable through Europe,  Ghana to Nigeria, according to the The cable passes through the UK, Portugal and Ghana.

The report said Glo is expected to make the mobile competition keen in the West African  nation as it continues to boost its presence through the sponsorship of social and media programmes.

A report by Companies and Markets, a research company, has described Ghana’s mobile  telephony industry as one of the largest in West Africa with over 11 million of the  country’s 22 million population using mobile phones. Only one out of 40 Ghanaians has a  fixed line. Internet penetration too is very low. Available data shows that Internet usage in Ghana is a mere 2.7 per cent as compared to 5.3 per cent in Africa, according to’s reports..

The statistics also indicate that less than two million Ghanaians have access to the  Internet. The Glo-  Submarine cable is however, expected to increase Internet accessibility and speed in the country when it becomes operational. MTN, Vodafone Ghana, Tigo, Kasapa and Zain are the other mobile competitors in the market.

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