Amnesty International calls for investigation into gun deaths in Conakry 1

Reacting to new cases of people allegedly killed by the defence and security forces, and the release of three members of the National Front for the Defence of the Constitution (FNDC) on 10 May, Fabien Offner, researcher at Amnesty Central Africa Regional Office International, states:

“Once again, and despite all the commitments made by the transitional authorities since they came to power, Guineans were shot and wounded yesterday in the streets of Conakry.

“We have had confirmation from various sources of the shooting death of at least two young men, and the injury of several others, some of which after being hit by vehicles. Amnesty International is calling on the authorities to immediately cease the use of firearms and excessive use of force during demonstrations.

“These dramas occurred while in the same evening, three members of the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (FNDC), Ibrahima Diallo, Oumar Sylla and Mamadou Billo Bah were released pending their trial. Their release was one of the demands of the Forces Vives of Guinea (FVG).

“Amnesty International is calling on the authorities to drop all charges against them and against Saikou Yaya Barry, executive secretary of the Union of Republican Forces, prosecuted for simply exercising their rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

“While the Forces Vives of Guinea have launched further calls for mobilization * Amnesty International is calling on the authorities to strictly comply with laws and commitments on the use of firearms, to conduct thorough investigations to determine when people were killed and wounded, and to respect the right to freedom of peaceful assembly. “We’re here to help.”

Additional information

On Wednesday, May 10, a security mechanism was deployed to prevent people who wished from responding to a call for a peaceful mobilization issued by the Forces vives de Guinea (FVG). All rallies have been banned by the power since May 2022, in violation of the right to freedom of peaceful demonstration.

Amnesty International was able to verify the deaths of at least two people killed on the mobilization day. This in no way invalidates the existence of a higher toll, as reported by several media outlets and by the Forces Vives de Guinea (FVG), according to which seven people were killed and 32 shot.

Under international law, the use of firearms is prohibited except in cases of imminent danger of death or serious injury to oneself or others.

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