The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has always had a large following in Africa even if sections of the people think he failed to identify closely with the continent. In the 80s, Jackson led other musicians to raise fund against starvation on the continent in a song that was release: ‘We are the world.’
Since his death was announced, most radio stations including stations broadcasting in local languages are jamming the airwaves with the legend’s music. Streets are jammed with shows celebrating the icon in major cities across the continent and TV stations constantly feature tributes to the icon.

One mourner in Uganda noted: “This beautiful brother soul should always be remembered in the best possible ways. We all in this world have made mistakes; and some have made worst mistakes than others.

What the world need to remember is that this brother gave out all his best, provided and did more good than most people in higher positions. Therefore, let’s remember him for his hard work, his loyalty to the suffering of many people, his sincerity; but most of all, the beauty in him.”.

Another mourner announced: “Few people in the music business stirred up more controversy than Michael Jackson. He was worshipped and idolised by some, condemned and despised by others. His lavish lifestyle, the allegations of child molestation – of which he was later cleared by court – and his strange behaviour were debated the world over.”

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