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Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy Kornelia Shilunga has assured the nation that there will be no load shedding in the country despite NamPower’s latest update that power supply in the country remains severely strained.
Shilunga urged the nation not to panic and made the assurance the country is getting enough imported electricity and ensuring it receives enough energy to prevent the planned load shedding. “The situation is under control, there will be no load shedding. The anticipated load shedding was a physical breakdown, but the situation has been rectified,” assured the deputy mines and energy minister.
However, the deputy minister’s remarks are in contrast to the national power utility NamPower, which yesterday urged consumers to use electricity sparingly, as its regional suppliers and transmission partners continue to be strained. As a result, power supply to Namibia remains limited with supply deficits experienced during evening peak hours.
Despite NamPower’s call to consumers to use electricity sparingly to reduce the demand, Shilunga remains adamant there shall be no load shedding experienced.
Shilunga is on a regional visit to familiarise herself with Oshana and to discuss energy issues in the region. Also speaking at the poorly attended meeting, which was attended by a few head of departments in the Oshana Region, the Regional governor Clemens Kashuupulwa commended the deputy minister for visiting the region.
The governor said that the deputy minister’s visit was well-timed, especially because the country is facing a serious challenge of electricity shortage, which would eventually entail a hike in electricity tariffs. “It is a concern for all of us. Although we are aware of the causes, our expectation is that the line ministry will take care of the situation,” stated Kashuupulwa.
Kashuupulwa said the current situation would affect the low -income earners because they would not be able to afford.
He said the Oshana Region in particular is accustomed to providing affordable electricity to its inhabitants, as it plays a major role in the homes, businesses, to develop industries and contribute to the expectation of an industrialised Namibia. The governor’s sentiments were cemented by the deputy minister, who also remarked that her ministry has a mandate to improve the energy supply and ensure that electricity is affordable, adequate, enough and reaching all the people.
He said Oshana is doing well in extending electricity to the rural community.
By last year, only six schools were not electrified, he said. However, the region is committed to electrify the remaining schools. “The Oshana Region has extended electricity to the rural community, business facilities, government and public structures and constituency offices,” said Kashuupulwa.

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