African Development Bank (AfDB) President Akinwumi Adesina on Wednesday made a case for his re-election as head of the institution, saying that he wanted to fulfil “his sense of duty and commitment.”

Adesina recalled that his current five-year term as head of the African Development Bank Group was marked by the implementation of five strategic priorities for the continent’s development, known as the “High 5s.”

“Five years ago, right here in Abidjan, you elected me president of the African Development Bank. It was a huge responsibility to shoulder. I promised that I would work tirelessly to accelerate Africa’s development. My vision, focused on the High 5 priorities, was my commitment, my promise, my compass,” Adesina said during a virtual session at the start of the Bank’s 2020 Annual Meetings.

“Time has passed so quickly,” he noted, citing the Bank’s achievements in the five years of his presidency: 18 million additional people now have access to electricity, 141 million people have received more advanced agricultural technology to improve food security, 15 million people have access to financing, 101 million now have access to improved transport, and 60 million people have gained access to water and sanitation.

With these positive results, President Adesina asked the Board of Governors to renew their trust in him for the next five years. “Dear Governors, these Annual Meetings are my opportunity to offer you my services and seek a second term as President of the African Development Bank. I do so with humility. I do so with an acute sense of duty and commitment. I do so to serve Africa and our Bank,” he stated.  

Côte d’Ivoire President Alassane Ouattara, who witnessed Adesina’s election in 2015, welcomed the fact that his country was once again presiding over the electoral process. He called on the Bank’s Governors, headed by Ivorian Minister of Planning for Planning and Development Kaba Nialé, to respect the articles governing the institution, before addressing a message to the candidate.

Ouattara wished Adesina well and said he hoped that his re-election bid was successful. Adesina is the sole candidate in the running.

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