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  1. Yassine says:

    I agree with you totally. From my exnepierce, majority of those working in Glo customer care (that’s the network I use most) have gross ineptitude when it comes to knowledge about their network. I have had several bitter exnepierces with them especially concerning data services. One of my exnepierces was making me buy their modem under duress . It was in June 2009, I subscribed to a data package with the intention of using it on my Nokia E51. Later that day I realised that I could not browse any more. When I checked my credit balance, I found out that over N900 had been wiped off. After making 3 seperate calls to customer care, the best response I got was that the bundled internet cannot be used on phone. The next day I went to Glo office yaba where I got the same response. In other not to allow my N5,000 worth of data go to waste, I had to buy a glo modem. While they were processing my payment, I saw a piece of paper on their table where the gloflat setting was printed. I was shocked, because it was obvious to me that this settings could easily be configured on my phone. Since I already paid for the Modem, i still picked it up. When I got home, I configured my phone with the gloflat settings, and had been using it to connect since then. This is just one of numerous cases.Despite that, I still believe that Glo is the best (I am yet to try easyblaze). Moreover, the ineptitude of customer care officers seems to be worldwide. I have had similar exnepierces from Nokia store Customer service personnel. That is a story for another day.

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